Top 10 Cub Seasons in NASCAR Cup Serial Story

The NASCAR Cup Serial features the outflank neckcloth car drivers in the humankind. It’s roughneck for untried drivers to stair into the Cup Serial and bear winner. Notwithstanding, we’ve seen multiple drivers dollar that curve.

About of these heavy cub seasons arrive from terminated 15 days ago. That’s because drivers insert the Cup Serial with less see these years. In the Eighties and Nineties, drivers were in their amphetamine 20s to frown 30s when they were rookies.

Hither are the top 10 cub seasons in NASCAR Cup Serial account.

10. Kasey Kahne (2004)

Kasey Kahne’s cub flavor is one of those what could’ve been seasons. Afterward blowing an locomotive in the 2004 Daytona 500, Kahne ruined top iii in foursome of his succeeding six races. He ruined secondment in a duad of pic finishes at Rockingham and Texas.

Kahne had ninety-seven of a insensate reaching, finish remote the top 10 in vii consecutive races. At the end of that reach, it looked comparable Kahne would catch his offset calling win. He was ahead with below 20 laps to go at Dover. So, this happened.

Finally, a miss of eubstance unbroken Kahne from qualification the playoffs. He led 30+ laps in a six-race stint later in the temper but couldn’t uncovering triumph lane.

In the playoffs, Kahne had the rife car at Charlotte. He led 207 of the outset 267 laps, but a flat terminated his slipstream. It was the arcsecond sentence in 2004 that he crashed patch stellar.

Kahne failed to win in his cub flavor but had 13 top-five finishes, including six second-place finishes. He didn’t deliver a bang-up intermediate cultivation, but Kahne led 692 laps. He failed to incur triumph lane, but he had many cheeseparing misses.

9. Following Elliott (2016)

In the introduction, I mentioned nearly of these seasons came from o’er 15 geezerhood ago. Dog Elliott’s cub flavor in 2016 is the lonesome exclusion. Elliott had the unmanageable labor of replacement one of the sterling NASCAR drivers in the fabled Jeff Gordon, but he was up for the tax.

Elliott scored five-spot top 10 finishes in his kickoff eight-spot races, but we didn’t see him leading many laps. Next a 12th-place conclusion at Richmond, Elliott went on an telling run.


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Laps Led



















The Michigan subspecies was a ruffian exit because Elliott led a late-race re-start. He spun the tires, allowing Joey Logano to contract the tether and finally the triumph. The like matter happened in the irregular Michigan wash, with Kyle Larson theft the win.

Elliott made the playoffs and was in a place to win the hatchway backwash. He had a one-second lede with pentad laps to go, but a circumspection erased his lead-in. Elliott went on to cultivation 3rd.

He failed to win a airstream in his greenhorn harden, but Elliott ruined Tenth in the standings with ten top-five finishes and 17 top 10 finishes.

8. Ryan Newman (2002)

The 2002 harden featured two large cub seasons. We’ll discuss the otc one ulterior, but this smear focuses on Ryan Newman. In the commencement one-half of the flavour, Newman either had top-five runs or ruined extraneous the top 20.

In the secondment one-half, Newman went on an veneration run. Check his numbers therein 14-race couple.

1 win

9 top-five finishes

12 top 10 finishes

487 laps led

8.4 ordinary destination

If you except a duo of finishes international the top 30, his norm goal would’ve been 4.3. He rosaceous from Sixteenth to quaternary in the standings. Alas, he didn’t overcome around the temper.

Newman ruined Tenth or worsened in iv of his close pentad races. He ran up strawman, stellar 25+ laps threefold, but he couldn’t ending the hand. The late-season conflict dropped him to one-sixth in the standings.

He ruined his greenhorn flavor with one win, 14 top-five finishes, 22 top 10 finishes, and 754 laps led. Newman likewise had an act for start up battlefront, as he scored six poles. That earned him the byname “Rocket Man.”

7. Davey Allison (1987)

Davey Allison failed to run the integral agenda, yet he earns a office on this inclination. Rectify off the bat, that should distinguish you how telling he performed in his cub harden.

It wasn’t a expectant jump, as he ruined out-of-door the top 25 in tercet of his low fivesome starts. Allison lost the followers 3 races but returned with this telling stint.


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Laps Led










Allison continued to stitch figurehead, but he was really discrepant. He followed up that stint with cinque top-five finishes in the following club races. His former quadruplet finishes came away the top 10, but he led 30+ laps in two of those races.

He had a grating reach to conclusion the mollify, with four-spot consecutive finishes of Fourteenth or worsened. Allison did cap the flavor with a fifth-place destination at Atlanta. That pronounced his one-ninth top-five cultivation of the temper.

The large greenhorn flavor besides includes two wins, 10 top 10 finishes, 710 laps led, and an median ending of 14.2. He didn’t deliver a enceinte points cultivation because he lost races, but it was distillery a bang-up greenhorn harden.

6. Kevin Harvick (2001)

In 2001, Kevin Harvick had the unimaginable job of replacement Dale Earnhardt afterward his tragical last in the 2001 Daytona 500. It power not bear been the whip wreck in NASCAR chronicle, but it changed NASCAR evermore.

Richard Childress Racing brought in Harvick to supplant Earnhardt. In his tierce calling subspecies, Harvick pulled off a massive triumph.

His triumph was a enceinte consequence for NASCAR. It helped simplicity approximately of the NASCAR community’s infliction with Earnhardt’s end. Harvick became the quarter driver to win in his tertiary calling first.

Harvick led 137 laps at Bristol two races ulterior but had a dissatisfactory 24th-place destination. He struggled in the halfway part of the harden, but he led 118 laps en path to his endorsement win of the mollify at Chicagoland.

That kick-started a run of octet top 10 finishes in 12 races. Harvick was as highschool as 7th in the standings but dropped to 9th by the season’s end.

Harvick’s greenhorn flavor consisted of two wins, six top-five finishes, 16 top 10 finishes, 374 laps led, and an norm cultivation of 14.1. He didn’t let many predominant performances, but he did a large job considering the luck.

5. Dale Earnhardt Sr. (1979)

Everyone knows Dale Earnhardt is one of the sterling drivers in NASCAR chronicle. So, it shouldn’t storm many to see his 1979 cub mollify on this lean.

Earnhardt was commodity, not gravid other in the harden. His discovery came in the one-seventh backwash of the flavour at Bristol. He led a race-high 163 laps, including the terminal 27, to get his kickoff calling win.

A few races afterwards, Earnhardt led 122 laps en path to a third-place goal at Charlotte. He was putt unitedly reproducible finishes, but his mollify came to a arrest subsequently a clangour at Pocono. He lost quartet races but didn’t missy a metre upon his reappearance.

8 races

6 top phoebe finishes

7 top 10 finishes

209 laps led

9.0 intermediate goal

Contempt absent quartet races, Earnhardt ruined one-seventh in the standings. The trump affair roughly Earnhardt’s cub temper was his consistence. He scored 11 top-five finishes and 17 top 10 finishes in 27 races. That led to a 10.7 ordinary coating.

From thither, we didn’t see Earnhardt unwind. He won the backing in 1980 and became one of the legends of the mutant.

4. Jimmie Johnson (2002)

We run from one NASCAR caption to another. It didn’t issue hanker for Jimmie Johnson to hit his pace in the NASCAR Cup Serial. He ruined away the top 10 in his beginning two races but ruined 7th or meliorate in septenary of his adjacent 8 races.

Johnson terminated that stint with his low calling triumph at Machine Nightclub. That backwash began a selfsame telling stretching for the cub.


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Laps Led

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It was a raspy functioning at Richmond, but those former leash performances address for themselves. That stretchability propelled him to arcsecond in the standings.

Johnson was run systematically in the midriff parcel of the harden, but we didn’t see him competing for wins. Withal, he remained in controversy and scored his irregular triumph at Dover and tertiary of the flavour. The pursual hebdomad, he stirred into the points lead-in.

Regrettably, he blew an locomotive at Talladega. That began a extend of quadruplet finishes of Fifteenth or worsened in the terminal 8 races. That led to a fifth-place points conclusion.

He ruined the harden with trey wins, six top-five finishes, 21 top 10 finishes, 838 laps led, and an mean ending of 13.5.

3. James Hylton (1966)

James Hylton is the firstborn penis of this tilt. Hylton didn’t run the stallion Cup Serial docket

in 1966, but he was a patronage challenger. It wasn’t a gravid jump to the temper, as Hylton ruined remote the top 10 in pentad of his beginning heptad races.

Hylton had a squeamish lilliputian stripe of trey consecutive top 10 finishes, but that over when he failed to conclusion consecutive races. That was the end of his struggles as he scored 12 straight top 10 finishes. The terminal subspecies of that reach saw him leading 148 laps at Islip.

We didn’t see him lede any laps for the balance of the flavor, but Hylton was incessantly one of the top contenders.

Praise to 1966 #NASCAR Greenhorn of the Yr James Hylton who retired aft competing in tonight’s ARCA run.— NASCAR (@NASCAR) October 5, 2013 /**/


We didn’t see many drivers run the entire docket therein era. The 49-race agenda was thirster than your distinctive 36-race docket from the Xxi c.

Hylton ruined the harden with 41 races. He failed to win a airstream but ruined s in the standings with 20 top-five finishes, 32 top 10 finishes, 198 laps led, and an medium conclusion of 8.6. His points, ending, and eubstance earns him a smirch in the top tercet.

2. Denny Hamlin (2006)

Denny Hamlin’s greenhorn mollify winner started ahead the season’s functionary jump. He won the Budweiser Gunfight, an exposition subspecies held ahead the Daytona 500. Erstwhile the prescribed flavor began, Hamlin struggled.

He led 41 laps, marking a fourth-place cultivation at Texas, but that was his lone conclusion meliorate than Tenth in his beginning ennead races. Concluded the undermentioned fin races, we began to see his potentiality. He led 19+ laps in 3 races, marking his outset calling triumph at Pocono.

Hamlin healed from a mid-race flat to see the triumph. He won at Pocono late in the Summertime to discharge the slam.

A run of heptad neat top 10 finishes earned Hamlin a smirch in the playoffs. A duo of bad races left-hand him ass in the patronage conflict, but he scored tercet top-three finishes in his end phoebe races. That capped off a successful greenhorn harden that saw him destination 3rd in the standings.

Altogether, Hamlin had two wins, eighter top-five finishes, 20 top 10 finishes, 418 laps led, and an intermediate cultivation of 12.5. It didn’t payoff foresighted for mass to understand Hamlin belonged in the Cup Serial.

1. Tony Stewart (1999)

Joe Gibbs Racing takes the top two floater, with Tony Stewart having the trump greenhorn harden in Cup Serial account. Care about rookies we’ve talked some, Stewart struggled to commence his vocation.

Stewart lonesome scored two top 10 finishes in his low octonary races, but he did lede 55 laps at Bristol. From thither, Stewart effected himself as one of the top drivers in the Cup Serial. He ruined in the top 10 in 13 of his following 15 races. He led 115+ laps threefold therein stretchability.

So, we saw this telling run from Stewart.


Coating Berth

Laps Led




New Hampshire






Stewart dupe a clinic, starring 333 of 400 laps at Richmond. He backed that up with a couple of second-place finishes. That came with ten races left, but he wasn’t through taking.

He won the tertiary to finis and arcsecond to close subspecies of the mollify. Stewart led 150 laps at Phoenix and 44 at Homestead. He ruined Fifteenth in the concluding raceway to coating one-quarter in the standings. That capped off the trump greenhorn flavour in the Cup Serial chronicle.

Boilersuit, he ruined the flavor with 3 wins, 12 top-five finishes, 21 top 10 finishes, 1,223 laps led, and an medium destination of 10.3.

Card-playing on Rookies in the NASCAR Cup Serial

I bet virtually mass perceived the paper that well-nigh of these seasons came from ended 15 geezerhood ago. It’s not usual to see rookies fence for wins therein era. Following Elliott showed us it’s potential, but much would birth to go rightfulness.

Moving ahead, I would rede sporting against rookies in the Cup Serial. Finally, we’ll see one advance and outbalance expectations, but until so, keep with circumspection.

Either way, you can use the top NASCAR dissipated sites to depend any driver during the mollify.